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Cine DENSE Post-Processing Software

This software was developed in MATLAB to provide a user-friendly way of processing displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) image data. Currently, the software supports analysis of 2D cine DENSE images; however, a beta version will be released in the coming months that supports full biventricular 3D analysis.

Getting Started

System Requirements

The current stable version (0.4.0) of DENSEanalysis requires:

Configuration of Mex Compiler

If you have never compiled a MATLAB mex file on your current machine, you will want to configure the MATLAB environment to be able to perform the compilation. To do this you’ll want to run

mex -setup

This will lead you through a series of steps where MATLAB will detect all compilers installed on your machine and ask you to select the appropriate installer.

Removal of Previous Installations

If you have previously installed DENSEanalysis, make sure to remove any existing entries in your path that point to that installation of DENSEanalysis and restart MATLAB.

To do this you can either type the following command into MATLAB


Or if you prefer, you can select Set Path from the File menu.

Either of these will bring up the path dialog in which you can select the folders to remove.

Download Software

The latest stable release of DENSEanalysis can be downloaded here either as a .zip or .tar.gz archive.

If you wish to use a bleeding-edge version of DENSEanalysis or you wish to contribute to DENSEanalysis, you can go to the DENSEanalysis Github page and download the source as needed.

Once downloaded, you’ll want to extract the contents of the archive to a directory of your choice on your machine.

Launch MATLAB and change folders to where you extracted the DENSEanalysis software and run the DENSEsetup script to finish the installation of the software.


Running DENSEanalysis Programs

DENSEanalysis is launched by simply typing the following command within the MATLAB command window


Similarly, DENSEms (Multi-Slice DENSE analysis) can be launched by using the following command


Additional Documentation

Additional information, including screenshots and examples, can be found at the following locations


If you have used the DENSEanalysis software for your research or it has influenced your work, we ask that you include the following relevant citations in your work.

Spottiswoode, B. S., Zhong, X., Hess, a T., Kramer, C. M., Meintjes, E. M., Mayosi, B. M., & Epstein, F. H. (2007). Tracking myocardial motion from cine DENSE images using spatiotemporal phase unwrapping and temporal fitting. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 26(1), 15–30.

Gilliam, A.D., Suever, J.D., and contributors (2016). DENSEanalysis. Retrieved from


We welcome contributions from any members of the DENSE user community. Feel free to submit a pull request with your contributions. Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for guidelines for contributing to DENSEanalysis.

Our contributors include: